Francine Sablan Tweed’s passion for transforming the body by utilizing the power of exercise and nutrition becomes obvious by spending just a few minutes with her. She leads by example, “walking the walk,” inspiring her clients and those around her with her own personal drive and discipline. 100% focused on results, Francine is committed to seeing each one of her clients achieve their own personal goals. Her own personal fitness journey has taken her to the highest level of female physique competition.

With her extensive field experience, her own athletic intuition, and her relentless drive to expand her foundation as an expert in the fitness world, Francine is fast becoming one of the most sought-after trainers in the region.


Jason Tweed’s passion stems from the role of nutrition and how manipulating the types of food in ones diet can transform the physique. Through his extensive field experience as physique competitor, he has learned the value of the “calorie.”

Jason’s philosophy and ideas on nutrition are unique and, more importantly, “livable.”


Sports and fitness has been a focal point for Ryan for as long as he can remember. He started with organized sports at age 5 and grew up playing football, baseball, track, and basketball. Ryan was offered a baseball scholarship, but instead decided join the Marines after 9/11. It wasn’t until he was deployed in Iraq where he became obsessed with bodybuilding and nutrition and its effects on performance and body composition. Towards the end of his Marine Corps career, in late 2006, Ryan began personal training other military members. He continued to pursue a career in health and fitness after the military. In 2009, Ryan opened and operated his own Sports Nutrition and Supplement retail store in Santee. This was where he met Jason and Francine. Since then Ryan has been involved in many different aspects of the health and fitness from personal training, supplementation, athletic coaching, nutritional coaching, supplement formulations, and competing in Men’s Physique shows. “It’s a forever journey for me. My desire is to help others improve their lives, through health and fitness. Being able to give back, share my knowledge, and work around such amazing people is the greatest gift I’ll ever possess!”


Steve grew up in Laguna Hills, CA and has been living in San Diego for the past 12 years. He’s been an athlete all his life, playing football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and even flirted with the men’s rowing team in college. Since graduating from UCSD in 2007, the gym has been his passion and he thrives on pushing people to reach their full potential, whether they are just getting into fitness for the first time or are an experienced athlete looking to take it to the next level. He is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.


Leslie Belenzo’s life-long developed passion in the fitness and beauty industries have shaped this dynamic beauty into our ideal team member.

As an NPC bikini competitor, certified makeup artist, and experienced administrative processional,  Leslie offers an invaluable perspective and a warm demeanor that makes all of our guests feel welcome.

Leslie strives to ensure you have a positive and rewarding experience at Body University.


Jeff’s passion for fitness began as a young athlete. In high school, he became infatuated with learning how to improve performance in whatever sport he was playing. He began writing programs and training teammates while attending California Lutheran University, where he played both Football and Rugby. After graduating with a degree in Communications, he began working in sales before working himself to a 30 lb. weight loss. He then became a N.E.S.T.A. Certified Personal Fitness Trainer to peruse his true calling as a Personal Trainer/Strength Coach.

Jeff has worked with people of all fitness levels. Through experience and continued education, he has established himself as a specialist in prevention of injury and performance training. When training with Jeff you can expect a “Quality over Quantity” approach, with an emphasis on form and intensity. “I want to help YOU achieve greatness through fitness! I believe we are all athletes – some of us just don’t know it yet!”


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