Francine Sablan Tweed’s passion for transforming the body by utilizing the power of exercise and nutrition becomes obvious by spending just a few minutes with her. She leads by example, “walking the walk,” inspiring her clients and those around her with her own personal drive and discipline. 100% focused on results, Francine is committed to seeing each one of her clients achieve their own personal goals. Her own personal fitness journey has taken her to the highest level of female physique competition.

With her extensive field experience, her own athletic intuition, and her relentless drive to expand her foundation as an expert in the fitness world, Francine is fast becoming one of the most sought-after trainers in the region.


Jason Tweed’s passion stems from the role of nutrition and how manipulating the types of food in ones diet can transform the physique. Through his extensive field experience as physique competitor, he has learned the value of the “calorie.”

Jason’s philosophy and ideas on nutrition are unique and, more importantly, “livable.”


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